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10 March 2025 @ 12:07 am
28 August 2012 @ 09:48 pm

So things have happened, wether for the best or not, I dont know but right now it seems to have reached an understanding and boundries been set to favor both sides. So yay for that. The thing about that thing im describing, is that it would cause me and boyfriend to argue about his preference/loyalty issues an ya. Anyways so now that it's over me and him want to get out and be a happy couple again, especially now that I have money to pay for my own tickets and such to things. 

We're going miniture golfing this weekend. He's never been and it's been ever since i last went so we're looking forward to that. Also thinking of attending a soccer game at the Home Depot Center. It's the only sporting event we'd both agree to pay for since apparently we dont want to dish out dough for any other sport xD Aside from those in the coming month, as well as six flags, we were thinking about going to Micky's Halloween party thing at Disneyland. 

It's a total maybe though. Which kinda sucks cuz im a paranoid person and I'm one of those people that just wants to buy the tickets ASAP since they could sell out god knows when D8 We were thinking of going ON the 31st but not 100% since that's the only night to wear a costume outside. We usually hang with my friends and go trick or treating together but they wouldn't be able to afford it so it's really just be us two. But then again we COULD go a different day..right? i mean is there a real difference on the days you go for that event? but even if we did go, I'm not sure if we should even go in costume. I mean I dont want to be like riding space mountian and have my wig fall off or something DX Gah too many variables @_@ 

Anyone have any experience on the event? like what HAPPENS? are we allowed between both parks or what? do they always give candy outside of the the actual 31st date? is there something special if you were to wear a costume? GAH costume! I dont even know what costume to wear if I even went @A@ 

What to do? ._.;

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13 August 2012 @ 10:52 pm
I've been getting a long pretty well now, with my baby gone. I really should put her ashes up on a shelf soon, but I'm not quite ready to move them from her bed. Life at home is rather boring without a pet. Someone to roam around the house and give you an excuse for any strange sounds you hear, "oh it's just the dog walking around", and such. I've obtained another job, this time at my school. I only work once a week for 5 hours but it's alright for me. I opened up a debt card so now i have to learn to manage my money, much like Platina...

I've also caught up to all of the Pokemon Special manga, or Pokemon Adventures if you will. Was totally worth it. Can't wait for the next translation of whatever chapter xD

I've attempted to work out on a regular basis but the weather has gotten too warm for me and my boyfriend to really continue at it. It's really a shame because we were doing so well too :(

On bad notes, it's seems that if i were to marry into my boyfriend's family, i'd hate all but 2.5/5(6) sister-in-laws. The 6 is if his brother ends up with his girlfriend who i also dislike. His oldest brother's wife, who is officially now in the family..can go suck it. I've had it with her and her snub husband. He was never raised spoiled so no one knows why he acts so now. My boyfriend has 4 sisters, and I'm alright with with the one that doesn't really communicate with the family much, the eldest is ok to me, I dont have a real reason to like or dislike her, and the second youngest sister seems "chill" if i do say so myself xD The youngest is the craziest one though, always playing this "damsel in distress" shyt with her "husband", a gaint ape that abuses her and hits her. I've offically given up on her and I can no longer see her or else i'd go psycho. Boyfriend already stopped me from keying her car, that was just because i had to drop him off at home. She wasn't in my sight at all but I knew she was home and already i wanted to hurle a rock threw her car windows and the house window as long as she got hit.

Ya i've been kinda vengeful lately, but I dont want to get into too much details. Im sure no one would mind <.<
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05 April 2012 @ 11:34 pm
SO Wednesday I got a call from the burger place across the street from my house. The first time ANYONE has called about an application i've turned in, and he hired me right away! 8O

My 1st DayCollapse )

Also I got my report card!
I got an A in math and a B in PHOTO! =Db
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30 March 2012 @ 12:53 am
So my spring break has been...boring.
Haven't had much to really do like at all. Cept hand in job applications like crazy, and FORCING myself on the comp. Yes, when going on the internet becomes a "bore" or "chore" there's GOT to be something wrong with me..

Anyways I went on mangafox to see if Fairy Tail was updated yet, nope, and then since I heard Bleach anime ended/being ended or idk exactly what since I stopped watching it like a long time ago and just been skimming the manga once every other month or so, I went to see where's this "final arc" is at. Sadly I was told by a notification that it's "been licensed and not carried" anymore by the site...
They've been carrying it just FINE this whole time that Viz has been releasing it up to w/eth volume they've released in the states ._. Why Stop NOW?
come on now <<

Anyways so I try other manga sites and I end up at mangastream. I go to the directory and think "oh ya I forgot they only carry a very limited amount" cuz I was gonna look for other manga's too, but what's this i see? Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean manga? "wtf is this? o.o *clicks*"

Since when has there been a sequal to my beloved E7?
Not only that, I also learn that the anime is not far off from airing also.
WHEN did all THIS happen? ._.

I Honestly dont know why I was even a TINY bit surprised that Eureka & Renton had a kid. Honestly I don't, I'm mad at myself for this. And is it just me, or does Naru (the girl) look like maybe she could be Gidget & Moondoggie's kid? :O
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20 March 2012 @ 06:12 pm
Today was the last day for my Photography class.
I'm SOO glad it's over. I think I could have done better though, had I had a Mac of my own instead of having to go to school to use theirs and then that chance that someone else is on the comp you have all your work on..and ya..

Well it's said and done but really I did find it hard :(
I think it's because I have no real life, I dont have money to be going anywhere really, since gas is getting high.
Which reminds me, no matter what I do, how many jobs i apply for, im always overlooked...(yes i'm just depressing myself more here..yay me..)

I think had it been more like drawing, I'd have felt better. Like one assignment we had to make a comic and another time a photonarrative..NOTHING in my life is worth telling a story about..Now if i could Make up a story in my mind and draw that sure! But ya no, not drawing, photographing :[

Oh well, one down. If I atleast get a C I'll be ok. Though really the teacher said as long as we turn things in we should be ok (B?) I just dont think I'll get to a B at all.

Next is Math on Friday.
Math is easy☺

Seeing boyfriend tomorrow ♥
Feels like forever even though I just saw him Friday ♥
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15 March 2012 @ 03:35 pm
I ALWAYS go MIA on here QAQ

But actually I've been pretty MIA on a lot of things really. Facebook is the only "kinda/maybe/sorta" exception, but I think it's cuz usually that's a really quick thing but still I'm not on a comp as much as I use to be, which in a way is good

I've been pretty busy actually FOCUSING on school ever since I got into Mt.Sierra because they really make me think they actually care about me so I should care about them and stuff. Not like "f u teacher, i'm not doing your HW" like at PCC =_=

Aside from that I'm always with boyfriend and really haven't been much into like anything anime at all which is really sad... ._. 
I've never been much of a gamer so not really much hope there..CEPT POKEMON~~~

I'm still on a pkmn high ever since B/W came out. Read the Manga which is KICK ASS. Freakin' love it *w*
I've yet to finish Emerald Saga though cuz it seems like the rumors are true about it being the most boring saga of them all -_-
Totally slowed me down :c 
But it seems like even if i did finish it and then w/e sage to come after it, they dont have HeartGold/SoulSilver Saga translated to english D:

Someone translated FireRed/LeafGreen even though it was like never officially translated. Doesn't seem Hoenn was published at all...but we got those D: why not Soul/Gold? Q.Q Why?

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23 May 2011 @ 08:08 pm
Super soon post, after the last one I know, but I just CAN NOT DECIDE ON THIS And It's finally caught up to me D8

If I had to say what show I'm obsessed with at the moment, or at least for almost a year now? It'd be ADVENTURE TIME!
I love the whole cast x3 they're so silly and it's something me and Anthony can fully enjoy together ♥

I would say my favorite character is Fin or Jake, but I think maybe a bit more Jake x3 But either way, they're boys and I wasn't much motivated to crossplay them, so they were out, and though I like Marceline the Vampire Queen, I don't have the money for such a long wig.

However, for a couple of months now though, I've known about the Genderbend characters by the series designer, Natasha Allegri, and as more time goes on, and the more I see them...the more I fall in love with Fin & Jake's gender-swapped version - Fionna & Cake


How could you Not love them?!?

I love Everything about their character design. Especially that she's not super thin like all the other girls, and she has some curves to her, so it's more forgiving for my flabs :c But a lot is holding me back from going for her >.<

Granted I think I could try for the hat, I have my first Lucy skirt I made, that was more manga based, that I think could work for her, the socks I doubt would be difficult and the bangs dont seem that hard, and I kinda have a shirt like hers though it's not very long so I might have to make a better top.

BUT WHATS REALLY KILLING ME is Cake :C I need miss kitty with me ;.; but gahh she seems like the hardest of it all...and the pack >>

Also I'm a pretty harsh critic to myself, so I'm really wondering about the skirt...especially since the color changes from certain artwork by Natasha as seen here
The skirt I have is more like the one in the pic on the right, but I'd prefer to go with the lighter shade of blue for the shirt as seen on the left pic, to match with the blue Cake has for her eyes but.. idk about that..

Also there's the shade of blue on the socks, in question..I'm not sure if i should go with a lighter blue to match the shirt or a darker blue to match the skirt...

Also I dont know exactly WHERE I should get the hair to be the bang. I'm more use to wigs, but I dont have the money to buy a full wig for it, especially since it's just the bangs that will show from under her hat

Grr does Anyone have any advice or any thing that could possibly help me out in ANY way for this to happen? :C I'd really appreciate it with all my heart and soul Dx
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As of late I was in a slump of wanting change in my life in any way, shape or form. And it seems I've got my wish :)

Like Rin, I got a new Principle, sadly it"s not Principle Doggie here though :cCollapse )

Also I changed from glasses to contacts

I've been given my first pair for a 2 week trial and it was scary at first, what with putting them in an all >.< But i got use to it..-ish. Some day's will be easier then others; but lately they've been feeling odd.

I dont know if that's how it's suppost to feel or not, but I'll prob ask to try another pair, even though these were alright at the begining, and even better half-way threw the trail, but now they give me some problems. Randomly, my vision will get blurred just from blinking, and my left eye's just a total bish. It was the more difficult one when starting and it usually, at one point of the day, it'll start to feel like I have something in my eye and I have to keep messing with it.

A few day's ago I could have SWORN I must have had a tiny rock in my eye or something, I just had to take it out cuz it was absolutely annoying. But then again I have to remember, my left eye is the one with the thicker lens, cuz it's the one that needs most help. It makes me wonder if anything could really even be done, or if that's as good as it can get for that eye, cuz the lady told me had this been like back years years ago, I wouldn't have had the option to get contacts cuz it would have been too thick to work with at the time, but w/e, my appointement's tomorrow and I'll her how it's been an all and see what she say's. I will prob ask to see the other lens though, just to be Super duper sure about these lens >.<

And Also~
I finally got to see the dentist about a week ago!Collapse )

This Week:
I hope to get a chance to speak with my grandpa about some things. He's like my personal counseler; he wont judge me like other members of my family >>

Hope to get gym worthy clothings so I can actually start attending >.<

Apply to voluenter at the San Gabriel no kill shelter

And Saturday, say hello to nice Dentist guy, and then attend my future school's open house/free work shop thingy with Anthony (and maybe sealing the deal with him attending as well ;D)

♥ ♥ ♥ Change is nice ♥ ♥ ♥
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09 April 2011 @ 10:27 pm
If you were a crayon, what color would you be, and why? What color would your ideal mate be, and why?

I probably should get a box of crayons but god only knows if i even HAVE any.

I think I'd be that kinda Aqua color? I dont think that was the actual name, but it has a bit more green in it then blue i think. I just really think it's a pretty color, and it's kinda hard to describe it, which is how i feel about describing myself :[ I think I also like it cuz I like Blue and Green a lot, especially the pastel shades of them. I also like nature to an extent. I could never survive camping, and I'm ok with a hike in the woods but after a while I want to get out of there. I like the sky a lot and always wished I could fly and I also like the ocean and think how beautifly water can be, even if they're two different shades of blue generally. I also like the grassy meddows, especially in spring when they bloom little flowers that usually have the loveliest shade of purple =w=

I remember as a kid I'd ask other kids who had blue or green eye's how come they got lucky enough to have such pretty colored eyes, and I remember one girl told me "my grandma said it's cuz I always looked at the sky, that's why my eyes are blue" I'm sure the grandmother was humoring her or something, atleast I hope that's not how the grandmother really interrepts how to get colored eyes, but either way if that was true I think I'd have aqua-ish eyes, cuz I just wouldn't be able to just look at one thing for too long, between the those three.